We all know hydration is key to living an optimal life. But why do we need electrolytes?

Electrolytes are key minerals that are vital to many functions of the human body. Water alone is not enough. Hover over each electrolyte to learn how they benefit you.

  • Ca Calcium
    Critical to bone growth and strength
  • Na Sodium
    Retains fluids to keep you hydrated
  • Mg Magnesium
    Helps with hundreds of essential functions that help your nerves and muscles work properly
  • P Phosphorous
    Makes energy in your cells
  • K Potassium
    Makes the electricity that let your cells do their jobs

What makes GoHydrate different?

Instant Hydration Technology.
Our 5 electrolytes are formulated as an instant hydration solution which delivers 5 electrolytes immediately to your body.

Brand Electrolytes Calories Sugars Caffeine Color & Flavor Sodium Vitamin D
GoHydrate 5 5* 0 No Natural 80mg 40%
Liquid IV 3 50 11G No Natural 500mg 0
LMNT 3 5 0 No Natural 1000mg 0
Nuun Active 3 10 1G No Natural 520mg 0
Coconut Water 3 90 22G No Natural 25mg 0
Gatorade 2 100 28G No Artificial 270mg 0
Powerade Zero 3 0 Artificial No Artificial 150mg 0
Vitamin Water 3 120 28G No Artificial 0mg 0
Skratch Labs 4 80 20G Some Natural 380mg 0
SOS 3 20 5G No Natural 330mg 0
Hydrant 4 20 3g No Natural 260mg 0

10 calories in Cherry Limeade

GoHydrate is recommended for all ages and walks of life. Hydration is key during any stage. How should you benefit?

  • The most common sports drinks loaded with sugar and ingredients you can’t pronounce. All of our 5 electrolytes are delivered immediately to your bloodstream via our unique isotonic formula. We call this Instant Hydration Technology. This feature provides you with immediate hydration and thereby a competitive advantage. With no sugar, we limit the chance of cramping during activity.

  • How many times do you look at the clock, it’s noon, and you haven’t had anything to drink? You’re not you when you’re dehydrated. GoHydrate is a portable water enhancing solution to keep you hydrated during all stages of your day. We recommend starting your morning with one packet (you can still have your cup of coffee, don’t worry!), and pouring another when you need a little boost.

  • We’re often asked if GoHydrate is safe for kids. The answer: YES!. Teaching your kids healthy habits starts at a young age. Swap their sugary drinks with zero sugar GoHydrate and start seeing the benefits. Kids will love the five different flavors, and you’ll love the added benefit of Vitamin D. Pro tip: add GoHydrate to popsicle molds for a stress free (and zero sugar!) dessert.

  • Dehydration is common amongst seniors and can be the cause of dizziness, weakness, lethargy and other maladies such as headaches. In addition, Vitamin D levels can drop to significantly low levels as we age, and that can have a negative effect on your well being and general physical health.

Vitamin D

Did you know that 42% of people in the US suffer from Vitamin D deficiency each year? (Source: Cleveland Clinic) One packet of GoHydrate contains 40% of your recommended daily intake.

Why Vitamin D? Vitamin D plays a significant role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus levels in the bloodstream - factors that are vital for maintaining healthy bones. In addition, Vitamin D helps manage blood sugar levels, helps with concentration, learning and memory, facilitates hormone regulation, enhances the immune system, improves heart health and can help protect against cancer It is a powerhouse vitamin! That’s why we love it and put it in our drink.

"Patients with untreated vitamin D deficiencies were 77% more likely to test positive for COVID-19 as patients with sufficient levels of the vitamin."

Read more from The Chicago Tribune about the importance of Vitamin D and COVID19 prevention.