Our Product

GoHydrate has many benefits that span from our tiniest humans to our most respected elders. See below to learn how our product can benefit you!



The most common sports drinks for adults are loaded with sugars or have artificial ingredients and/or colors. For the athlete that wants electrolytes and hydration, GoHydrate is your answer.  All of our 5 electrolytes are delivered immediately to your blood stream via our unique isotonic formula. This feature provides you with immediate hydration and thereby a competitive advantage. GoHydrate has no sugar which can lead to cramping and underperformance for many athletes. 


Most sports drinks have other supplements in them that are not healthy when consumed by teenage athletes. In fact, in most high school athletic associations, supplements are outright forbidden. GoHydrate is the answer for these athletes.


Put down that cup of dehydrating coffee, or save $5 by not going out for a high-calorie, sugar filled beverage and instead turn your water into a sugar-free, great tasting product by drinking plenty of GoHydrate everyday.


We all know that kids need vitamin D and that we want to keep them away from sugary drinks, which they naturally want to have.  GoHydrate solves both of these issues, and the kids will love the different flavors. Put 1-2 packs in their lunch bags along with their usual water bottle and your child will be well hydrated all day long and get the full amount of recommended Vitamin D. With GoHydrate as the source of Vitamin D, you can also avoid dairy products which many children do not like to drink.


Vitamin D is essential for seniors since it may help to overcome some common age related maladies. In addition, dehydration can be the cause of dizziness or weakness in seniors and not be suspected as the culprit. Drink plenty of GoHydrate every day to keep your Vitamin D levels up and stay properly hydrated.