We have built this company with one goal in mind: to provide our customers with a hydration product made with clean ingredients, that tastes great and that is good for you.

A Family Owned Business

Back in 2013, we weren’t satisfied with hydration drinks that were being offered to us. We discovered that most of these drinks were just disguised sugar bombs. As avid athletes, we set out to change this. Not only did we develop a formula with five essential electrolytes (50% more than what was being offered at the time), but we added the functional benefit of Vitamin D for added immunity benefits. GoHydrate hydrates all ages and walks of life

Over the past 7 years, we have grown to have customers in all 50 states, Canada and abroad. Our rapid growth has made us one of the fastest growing electrolyte drink mix companies in the country.

About Us

GoHydrate is run by seasoned financial executive, Michael Rosinus, and his marketing maven daughter, Julia Rosinus. Mike brings 30+ years of financial experience, while Julia brings a decade of food & beverage marketing experience.

Their diverse backgrounds have created a symbiotic relationship for GoHydrate. Together they manage all aspects of the company while always asking, “how does this help our customer stay hydrated?”

When Mike is not working in Excel, he can be seen walking his dog Penny Lane on the Chicago Lakefront or crushing PRs at Crossfit.

When Julia is not responding to customer service requests or responding to DMs on instagram, she is a new puppy mom to a beagle named Winnie and trying her hand at the latest Tik Tok recipe.

Father. Daughter. Finance. Marketing. Together, #TeamGoHydrate.