Fall Into These Habits

A new season is coming, and with that, new habits! There’s no way to really change your lifestyle unless you put in the work. And during the summer, slacking off a little is perfectly fine. It’s called summer break for a reason. But the school year is here, and we want to make sure you feel confident going into it. We’ve listed some small changes for your everyday routine to make yourself feel more put together. 

1. Pack your lunches the night before

Let’s face it, no one likes to wake up to their alarm in the morning. But what if we said we could push back that alarm by 10 minutes. You’d be a little happier and well-rested. The solution? Moving one simple task to the night before: lunch packing. After dinner, when you would usually be watching TV or scrolling through TikTok, spend some time preparing the salad recipe you’ve had saved for months, or the Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi sitting in your freezer. We promise, you will be grateful in the morning.

2. Replace your caffeine with electrolytes

Coffee makes you energized, but it also makes you jittery, and we’re not about that. In the morning, before a big test or in-class essay, the last thing you want to feel is unlike yourself because you can’t focus. Instead, swap out that cup of joe for an icy-cold GoHydrate. The temperature wakes you up and the 5 key electrolytes (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and magnesium) work to keep you hydrated and functioning properly. We suggest trying out our variety box to switch up the flavors each morning. 

3. Create a school packing list

This one is a game changer. Save yourself the hassle of asking to borrow someone’s pencil by jotting down a short list of the school essentials (computer, folders, assignments, lunch, ID, etc.) into the notes app on your phone. Every day, before leaving your house, take a quick glance at the list as a double check. Do not skip this tip; it will prevent an embarrassing forgetful moment from happening.

4. Find a comfort water bottle

We get it, cafeterias make it very easy to buy a plastic water bottle every day. But why not benefit yourself and the environment by bringing your own reusable water bottle? Here’s our pitch to convert all of you plastic water bottle lovers: reusable water bottles are sturdier, cuter, and keep your beverage cold. And if you tend to forget to bring one, look at the previous tip (add it to your packing list!). Check out this link for a water bottle we give a 10/10.